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What Arts and Crafts Can 3d Laser Printers Be Used to Make?

Have you ever wanted to create your own template or craft because you couldn't find what you wanted in a store or online? But have you already thought of this great idea? That was one of the things that inspired us to create, and it got us thinking about the many possibilities and uses of 3D laser printers for crafts. Does this make your production easier and/or save you time? We think it's worth at least telling you about some of these really cool technology discoveries.

1. What is 3D laser printer?

3D laser printer uses various materials (such as plastic, wax, SLA resin, metal, etc.) to print 3D objects in layers. For example, consider prototypes (such as molds), scaled models (such as buildings, prosthetics, and dental products). You design using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software.

2. Use 3D laser printer to make artifacts

Stamps: If you love stamps and have a large collection, and want to design your own custom stamps, using 3D  software for 3D printing, you can easily design custom stamps that can be used for a variety of projects, including embossing, making all the different paper projects such as scrapbooking and card making come to life.

Decoration: Have you seen a design on the Internet that you want to use as decoration? In addition, you can add these decorations to your paper and fabric projects. Mold: Do you want custom designed tiles that can be placed on your front walkway?

Templates: Do you want custom designed tiles that can be placed on the front walkway? Do you like making ceramics? Templates are always useful for craft projects of all sizes. Using a 3D laser printer for artisans, you can make templates of different sizes with intricate details.

Jewelry: As mentioned above, 3D printing can be done using a variety of materials (such as liqcreate premium model and liqcreate wax castable). Home decoration: If you are a DIY person who likes to decorate, you will be surprised at the number of jewelry items you can create.


Home decoration: If you're a DIY enthusiast who loves to decorate, you'll be surprised at the number of items you can create. Examples include plant vases, picture frames, decorative murals, coasters, and key rings.


Drawing: Do you like drawing? 3D-printed pens are great for drawing your own custom designs. These pens are mostly advertised as children's crafts or toys, but they are definitely suitable for artists of all ages and skill levels. Use a pen, which is another easy way to make decorations for most of your crafts.


Storage containers: Finally, crafters' 3D laser printers will help them store all their newly added craft tools. Given that we need to store stamps, decorations and stencils, our 3D laser printer is also perfect for this.

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