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Hands On Heart-Additive Manufacturing in Healthcare

Under the influence of the current general environment, the development of the medical industry has become more and more important, from individual health physiotherapy to the comprehensive strength of the country, every aspect is inextricably linked with it! Therefore, making medical treatment more efficient and intelligent has become the general trend of current development! Since its entry into the medical industry, UnionTech has continued to improve and innovate its own technology and products. Its wide application and remarkable effects in the medical industry have won numerous praises. In the future, UnionTech will still stay true to its original aspiration and forge ahead to promote a new direction for the development of the country's and the world'smedical care!



The ability to produce unique patient models is just one way additive manufacturing has shifted the health care industry away from a one-size-fits-all approach to more customized solutions for improving outcomes. Freed from the design and capital constraints of traditional manufacturing—and with further advancements in additive materials from Somos® and processes from UnionTech‘s Direct Manufacturing – doctors and medical institutions will continue finding new ways to provide better care for all of us.



The application of UnionTech 3D printing technology in the medical field is not only a promotion to the development of the industry, but also a constant challenge and transcendence to its own capabilities! In the future, Union Tech will not forget its original intention, keep in mind its mission, and let 3D printing technology benefit more fields and more audiences!

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