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The Secert Weapon of Dental Machine S300


In the dental industry with increasingly fierce competition and rising demand, the high-precision and large-format 3D printer S300 launched by UnionTech Company has a wide range of fans.At the same time, our 3D printing solutions for the dental industry are also favored by the dental industry.

Does it have some secret weapon?

Easy to operate, one button to start


4K optical machine

sophisticated design

hard core configuration


The S300 delivers breakthrough precision, quality and reliability.


Self-developed AI intelligent algorithm

Ensure that each dental membrane is accurately restored

UnionTech independently develops a professional intelligent algorithm to ensure that each dental model is accurately restored, and the consistent printing across the entire format.

Super printing accuracy perfectly adapts to the high requirements of the dental industry


Uniformity of light intensity > 95%


Distortion rate<1.5‰


Format enlargement+++

Print format 249.6×140×240mm

Meeting Dental Lab/Dental Practice Needs


10+ kinds of craft packages, upgrade quality service again

Supporting 10+ craft packages, easy to print all kinds of dental molds

Humanized design, experience upgrade

Replaceable Membrane Resin Tank

Simple, convenient and easy to maintain

Automatic power adjustment 

Regularly check the light-mechanical power and correct it in time to keep the printer at 100% horsepower forever

Now, I believe you have a better understanding of this product. As a pioneer in the 3D printing industry, UnionTech will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation and develop more excellent products that meet customer needs. Later, we will continue to introduce this product, so stay tuned! In addition, we have stereolithography 3D printer for sale and welcome your inquiries.

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