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Unveil│Model 6.0, the New Darling of Oral Implant Materials

Today, with the continuous development of stomatology, the application of 3D printing technology in various dental scenarios has been accepted by more and more people. Combined with customer usage and in response to the growing market demand, UnionTech company has developed a high-performance material Model 6.0 dedicated to dental implant models. Once this material came out, it has received attention and praise from the industry. Next, let's reveal its magical power~

Definition of Model6.0 Material

For implant DLP dental 3D printer applications, UnionTech has launched a high-performance implant model material. The printed product of this material has many characteristics such as high wear resistance, high printing accuracy and high hardness.

01. High wear resistance, stronger than traditional

For dental pain points, Model 6.0 has strong wear resistance. Different from the materials on the market, Model 6.0 can withstand a certain amount of friction while keeping its surface smooth, fresh and clear.

02. High printing accuracy, saving time and materials compared with traditional ones

Compared with similar models, Model 6.0 has higher printing accuracy. In the normal printing process, the power exposure time remains unchanged, and the printing accuracy is above 94%, which is much higher than that of market materials.

03. Good hardness, more sense of security

While ensuring its own toughness (free bending of 60 degrees), Model 6.0 also breaks through previous achievements in hardness, reaching 85D. While wearing the dental model, the user can clearly hear the crisp "click" sound, the degree of tightness and adaptability is high, and the sense of security and ceremony are all required!

04. Beautiful color

Model 6.0 has two colors, the yellow planting material is more full and bright, and the gray planting material is more advanced and durable.

05. Excellent stability

The current way to test the mold time of dental DLP material is mainly through water curing. According to the strict water curing test method, it is measured that Model 6.0 can maintain a stable structure and a stable die gap after 15 days, which is better than the materials on the market. In addition, in the temperature resistance test of Model6.0 materials, the results showed that the temperature resistance was between 55°C and 60°C. When the model was put into boiling water at 90-100°C for testing, no cracking was found in the model. It is enough to meet the requirements of daily use.

UnionTech's Dental 3D Printing Solutions

In recent years, digital technology has become the core of the development of China's oral medical industry, and 3D printing has played an extremely important role in it. Based on the development of dentistry, UnionTech provides digital dental solutions from cloud data processing-CAD design-3D printing and production. With professional 3D printing technology, it specializes in three major application areas: implant model; restoration model; implant guide plate, through digital 3D printing to change dental processing methods, chairside restoration, and orthodontic implant methods. In addition, UnionTech develops high-performance dental special printing materials based on the user's usage conditions, thus establishing a complete digital dental application ecological chain. UnionTech professional 3D printing technology is reliable, you are also welcome to consult stereolithography 3D printer price and DLP 3D printer price.


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