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UnionTech Dental 3D Printing Digital Solution

- Professional provider of DLP&SLA 3D printers.

- More Than 1000 UnionTech dental 3D printers serving in the world.

- UnionTech dental 3D printing digital solution including dental dedicated 3D printers, printing materials, pre-processing software Polydevs and cloud platform Unionfab ONE.


UnionTech, a leader in the 3D printing industry, has been deeply involved and developed rapidly in dentistry in recent years. Launched by UnionTech in July 2017, EvoDent is a dental-specific 3D printer brand that applies additive 3D manufacturing technology. As a result, with professional 3D printing technology, EvoDent was developed to revolutionize dental processing, transform from traditional manufacturing to digitalization, and define the standard of 3D printing for different dental applications.


Build a Solid Dental Whole Process Digital System

Digital technology has become the core factor in developing the dental industry.

Recently, UnionTech EvoDent releases comprehensive 3D printing solutions that range from CAD design to finished 3D-printing products, aiming to revolutionize dental processing, chairside restoration, orthodontics, and implantation with professional 3D printing technology, defining the standard of digital 3D printing application in dentistry, and coming up to your best expectations.

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