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UnionTech 3D Printing Transparency Technology Exchange Seminar

         The transparent 3D printing technology exchange seminar organized by UnionTech service bureau concluded successfully early in the week! During the event, experts from diverse industrial sectors and prominent figures in the industry convened to investigate the boundless.

UnionTech 3D Printing Transparency Technology Exchange Seminar.png

To offer industry insiders a more professional and authoritative understanding of the transparent 3D printing process, an exchange seminar was organized. This event featured a special guest, Mrs. Chen Feiying, who boasts 12 years of experience in the field. Director Chen provided a detailed explanation of 3D printing technology, the transparent 3D printing process, and its various applications, including case studies. This presentation effectively showcased the impressive advantages of transparent 3D printing for the attendees.

Thanks to the support of UnionTech, which provided professional 3D printers, and the use of high-quality materials with exceptional light transmittance and toughness, the transparent 3D printing process can achieve a range of effects, such as translucency, high transparency, frosted translucency, semi-transparent dyeing or spraying, highly translucent dyeing or spraying, transparent gradient colors, full-color semi-transparency or highly translucency, and various other diversified effects. These applications span across multiple industries, including medical, cultural and creative, automotive, dental, and construction.

       The in-depth and comprehensive explanation provided during the seminar greatly benefited the audiences.

Love Between Fairy and Devil-same style headgear and armor 3D printed by UnionTech Lite800.png

During the intermission, UnionTech prepared an enchanting violin solo and a model runway show for the audiences. The props used in the performance were all crafted through the transparent 3D printing process. Notably, the violin featured in the solo was the renowned "Betts," handcrafted by the famous Italian Antonio Stradivari in 1704. Additionally, the headdress props worn by the runway models drew inspiration from the Chang Heng Immortal character from the popular film and TV series "Love Between Fairy and Devil." This fusion of Western music and ancient Chinese style provided everyone with a glimpse into the boundless possibilities of transparent 3D printing in both Chinese and Western art.

BETTS printed by UnionTech.png

This seminar featured a special guest, the renowned 3D printing artist, Wu Yifei, who is under contract with Art Labor. He delivered a presentation on transparent 3D printing from an artistic perspective. Mr. Wu Yifei began by discussing transparent 3D printing technology and then delved into its processes, materials, and applications. He provided in-depth explanations to the attendees about how transparent 3D printing technology complements the world of art creation. Furthermore, he shared his boundless vision for the future of transparent 3D printing in the realms of art and design, effectively conveying the limitless imagination and endless creative possibilities that arise from the fusion of technology and art.

To provide a more intuitive understanding of the distinction between the transparent 3D printing process and the traditional approach, as well as its professional applications in specific industries, UnionTech extended invitations to two distinguished industry experts. They delivered presentations titled "When Transparency Meets 3D Printing" and "Transparent Sample Parts in Automotive Drives and Transmissions," which served to enhance the guests' comprehension of the practical applications of transparent 3D printing.

To enhance guests' concrete understanding of the additive manufacturing field, UnionTech organized a 3D printing service bureau tour in addition to showcasing professional content. This tour provided guests with zero-distance access to professional 3D printer, enabling all audiences to truly learn.


From disseminating conceptual professional knowledge to fostering close on-the-ground interactions, the successful execution of this technical exchange seminar enabled us to truly grasp the boundless allure offered by transparent 3D printing technology. In the coming days, UnionTech remains dedicated to leveraging our technological prowess to unveil further surprises and explore limitless opportunities in diverse domains.

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