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3D Printing in Automotive Industry

3D Printing in Automotive Industry

The application of 3D printing technology in the automotive sector is extensive, covering various facets. Whether it pertains to printing the overall car model design or mass-producing intricate internal components, 3D printing caters to diverse needs in automobile manufacturing. Undoubtedly, the adoption of this technology presents a substantial advantage for both the automotive industry and car enthusiasts engaged in modifications. UnionTech's strides and innovations in 3D printing within the automotive field are conspicuous, and moving forward, UnionTech is committed to developing additional innovative applications to augment and streamline car manufacturing processes.

3D Printing Applications in Automotive Industry

3D Printing for Car Customization and Modifications

Within the realm of popular aesthetics, there are always individuals who embrace their distinctive and rebellious spirit. Car modifications have a long-standing history, and when compared to traditional modification processes, integrating 3D printing technology proves more adept at meeting personalized customization demands, resulting in precise fits and unique designs.



Mercedes-Benz Modifications



Tesla Model3 Modifications

3D Printed Car Lights

The importance of headlights in the automotive industry is comparable to the significance of eyes for human beings. The strict material and manufacturing standards for lampshades often lead to high production costs. However, the integration of 3D printing technology effectively tackles this challenge. UnionTech's light-curing and exceptionally transparent 3D printing materials precisely adhere to the elevated transparency standards necessary for car lights. Through meticulous post-processing and polishing, the final outcome competes with that of PMMA materials, elevating the efficiency and quality of car light manufacturing.





3D Printed Car Lights

3D Printed Car Models

The production of car models stands out as one of the prevalent applications of 3D printing technology in the automotive industry. Be it in crafting small car model toys or large-scale model displays, UnionTech's 3D printing technology effortlessly meets these diverse needs. The precise control over intricate details, both internally and externally, impeccably captures the parallel progression of quality and aesthetics. As a result, technological excellence thrives remarkably within the automotive sector.


3D Printed Sports Car Display Model


3D Printed Tram

3D Printed Car Wheels

Wheels, particularly those with intricate designs engraved on tire exteriors, have historically posed substantial challenges in automobile manufacturing, often overwhelming traditional production methods. To address this, many automotive manufacturers are now embracing 3D printing technology as a solution. By harnessing the intelligence and convenience of 3D printing, abstract model designs can seamlessly transition into high-quality tire objects. This shift not only eliminates the limitations of traditional handmade products but also streamlines the process for mass production.



3D Printed Segmented Mold


3D Printed Car Wheels

3D Printing for Automotive Interior Parts

Beyond creating striking exteriors, 3D printing technology excels in reproducing precise internal components of automobiles. Whether manufacturing common auto parts or customizing specific designs, UnionTech's 3D printing capabilities are at the forefront. The company's extensive experience in the automotive industry has contributed to the maturity and refinement of its technology, enabling the realization of diverse automotive applications.


3D Printed Racing Components


3D Printing Racing Cooling System - Air Duct


3D Printing Automotive Water Injectable Three - Way Interface


3D Printing Racing Steering Wheel / Dashboard


3D Printing Racing Tail Keel


3D Printing Car Parts

How do partners assess the UnionTech 3D printing technology?

Jason, co-founder of Additive 3D Asia, expressed his confidence in the cooperation with UnionTech, stating that it would be the first time his company utilizes UnionTech's stereolithography 3D printer. He commended UnionTech for its exceptional technology, products, and solutions in the field of SLA printing technology.


3D Printed Modified Car Turbo Intake Tube

Peng Hu, technical manager of JAC Technology Center, acknowledged UnionTech as a pioneer in the domestic industrial 3D printing industry. He emphasized their commitment to technology development and application for over a decade. Peng Hu highlighted the cost-effectiveness of UnionTech's equipment, which is more than half the price of foreign counterparts while maintaining comparable stability and accuracy.


3D Printed Car Parts

What are the automotive applications of UnionTech 3D printing technology?

UnionTech has been involved in various application cases of 3D printing technology in the automotive field, including:

Customized 3D printed sports car display model: UnionTech assisted Aerosport Modeling & Design in creating a 1/5 scale model of the 2019 SCG 004S supercar for showroom display. The high-quality details and sophisticated appearance of the model received acclaim in exhibition halls.


3D Printed Concept Car Model


3D Printing Concept Wheel

Production of spare parts for the Tongji University electric team's new car, DRe21: UnionTech's SLA 3D printing technology facilitated the production of 56 spare parts for the electric car, such as the front wing, rear wing, and instrument panel. The car participated in the "Nio Cup" Chinese University Student Electric Formula Competition, showcasing UnionTech's technical strength in the automotive and education sectors.


3D Printed DRe21 Car Modification Parts


Group Photo of Project Staff

Contribution to the transformation of national auto brands: Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Corp incorporated UnionTech's 3D printing technology as early as 2002, with one of their 3D printing machines serving for 14 years. The technical manager, Peng Hu, credited the countless products completed using this equipment, highlighting how the integration of 3D printing technology facilitated the successful transformation of the national auto brand.


3D Printed Car Grille


3D Printed Car Surface Parts

Process enhancement of car modification: The car team at Soundwave soundtrack studio faced the challenge of converting a new Buick Verano Pro into a chariot for a game. UnionTech's 3D printing technology came to the rescue, enabling the team to achieve the desired modifications and produce personalized embellishment designs on the chariot. The team praised UnionTech's comprehensive solution to their multiple challenges.



3D Printed Gatling Gun (Painted)

The implementation of 3D printing technology has rejuvenated the automotive manufacturing industry, providing avenues for fundamental printing services and the integration of technology and creativity. UnionTech remains dedicated to advancing its technology to support the ongoing development of the automotive sector.

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