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UnionTech Industrial Grade Metal 3D Printer Muees310 Relaunched

UnionTech introduces the new Muees 310, a new product of the industry that uses cutting-edge technology in additive manufacturing.


Safety Gas Circulation

Built-in safety and venting valves ensure safety when printing.

Air Filtration System

Environmentally friendly, avoiding secondary pollution.

Double Sealed Piston

Ensures the sealing of the metal powder storage room.


Self-developed full-process software system.

Industrial-grade Standards

 Storage of large quantities of powder material.

Storage of large quantities of powder material.

Build Volume: 310 x 310 x 400 mm ( Not including substrate plate thickness )

Build Chamber Size: 325 x 325 x 440 mm

High-speed Scanner

High-speed Scanner

Scanning Speeds up to 4 m/s

High Efficient Printing

Low Drift and Sigh Stability of theScanner

Large Format Field Lens

Large Format Field Lens High Power Laser

Maximum Format up to 310 x 310 mm

Spot Uniformity up to 89% 

High Power Laser

High Printing Accuracy

Laser Power Fluctuation Stable at ±1% for 4 Hours Testing

Beam Quality up to M2≤1.2 for More 

Uniform Energy Distribution

High Printing Quality

Unlocking new heights of intelligence


Gas Flow Circulation System

Multi-stage high-efficiency filtration.

99.7% cleanliness of inert gas.

High-pressure blowback to improve filter life.

High Precision Water Chiller

Multi-stage high-efficiency filtration.

99% cleanliness of inert gas.

High-pressure blowback to improve filter life.

Three Gas Paths Ensure a Clean Build Chamber

Enhance gas flow efficiency through chamber pressure retention.

High-capacity vat, reducing powder-clearing frequency.

Self-developed SaaS Platform for Metal AM Workflow


Support providing open access to ONE API for the customer's MES system or ERP system, along with customized development functions for the customer.

Remote Control

Incorporating LAN remote control, automated gas washing, intelligent pressure regulation, and enabling remote on-boarding.

Equipment Monitoring

Big data is visually displayed, enabling real-time monitoring of equipment status and facilitating systematic management of multiple equipment.

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