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Union Tech's FM series 3D printers usher in a new era of the applications in shoe industry (Part2)

Application of 3D printing in the shoe industry

Replace wooden formwork

Print shoe prototypes directly. CNC machining wood mold has many processes, the process is more complicated and the cost is expensive. 3D printing realizes one-button operation, which can directly extract the three-dimensional data of the shoe mold, and import it into the SLA 3D printer after simple support and slicing processing, and the shoe mold can be obtained after the printing is completed. Regardless of the sole pattern, the surface fineness and dimensional accuracy all fit the 3D data to meet the requirements in application.

Try-on model proofing

Before the new shoe samples are officially put into production, they all enter the trial link to test various related factors. The traditional process of making try-on shoes needs to go through a complete production process, which is time-consuming and expensive. Using 3D printing technology, small batches of shoe models can be directly produced for testing. The high efficiency of 3D printing can effectively shorten the design cycle of shoes, and the cost is low.

Sample printing

Like other industrial design products, prototypes are often required in the design of various new shoe models to show design ideas more intuitively, so as to compare and modify improvement plans. For the fashion industry, the shortening of the design cycle directly accelerates the speed of new product launches, which is crucial to the development of the entire market and the improvement of sales.


Current status and prospects

In order to let the market further understand and accept 3D printing technology, we have spent nearly 20 years doing applied research, accumulating the pain points of 3D printing technology in the shoe industry, and breaking through the pain points of the industry one by one from the technical level. From improving production efficiency and reducing costs to converting original data files of the application itself to restoring precise shoe mold patterns, a complete set of systematic shoe mold 3D printing solutions has been formed. At the same time, we are also actively interacting with the entire industry market, hoping to popularize 3D printing applications, and looking forward to customers in the application field joining us. We hope to share the advanced technology of the industry,  grow and make grest progress together with everyone.

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