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Uniontech Won the “2021 Shanghai Design-leading Model Enterprises”

Since Shanghai joined the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) in 2010 and became the “City of Design”, its creative design industry has welcomed rapid development. According to identification work requirements of the National Industrial Design Center and key work arrangements of Shanghai Municipality in promoting the construction of “City of Design”, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, in order to further guide enterprises to take design as the driving force of innovative development and give play to the leading role of design in related industries, carried out the construction of Shanghai Design-Leading Model Enterprises in 2021. Recently, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization has announced the list of Shanghai Design-Leading Model Enterprises in 2021, on which UnionTech was featured. UnionTech Company has been recognized by the government and the industry again for its professional strength and excellent management ability in the field of additive manufacturing.

Uniontech Won the “2021 Shanghai Design-leading Model Enterprises”

2021 Shanghai Design-leading Model Enterprises

On the afternoon of February 18, the Forum on Design-Driven Innovation and Development of Industries, the final event of the Promotion Campaign for Shanghai’s Construction of the World-Class City of Design, was successfully held at the Friendship Hall of Shanghai Exhibition Center. Leaders of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization and the economic commission (commercial commission) of each district awarded the plaque for Shanghai Municipal Design Innovation Centers and Shanghai Design-Leading Model Enterprises. Dr. YU Xiaoqing, R&D Director of UnionTech, accepted the award on behalf of the Company.

After strict evaluation and review at both municipal and district levels, 35 enterprises were awarded Shanghai Design-Leading Model Enterprises. The award-winning enterprises involve various fields such as industry, service industry, construction industry and digital economy, among which only UnionTech is from the additive manufacturing industry.

Shanghai Design-leading Model Enterprises

Design-Leading Model Enterprises refer to those enterprises that boast a leading design position in its industry such as construction, service, digital economy, and other fields, lead comprehensive enterprise development with design, achieve remarkable success in driving new product R&D, product iteration, service innovation, and brand building through design, and play a model and guiding role. This award not only represents the affirmation of the government and industry to UnionTech but also favorable praise for the excellent achievements that UnionTech has made in R&D and design in the industry over the past 20 years.

“The award-winning enterprises all have a high design level in their industries. These enterprises have led comprehensive enterprise development with design, and achieved remarkable success in driving new product R&D, product iteration, service innovation and brand building through design.” UnionTech has always adhered to independent R&D and innovative design. At present, UnionTech has owned more than 50% market share and user groups of SLA (Stereo Lithography Apparatus) 3D printing technology in China. And its industrial scale ranks among the best in its industry in China.

— From the official WeChat account of Shanghai Songjiang

UnionTech Technology Center not only boasts independent industry-superior R&D ability involving mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, optics, software, material and other disciplines, but also owns various equipment and software for R&D, production and inspection, as well as the laser beam profiler, microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine and laser power inspection platform. It possesses a product design database, and industry-leading R&D hardware and software facilities in China, as well as the ability to produce mass, high-tech and excellent SLA 3D printing equipment and photosensitive resin materials.

UnionTech makes continuous innovations in product and also constantly optimizes the process and technology to improve productivity. With continuous innovation on the original basis, the Company has transformed its R&D achievements into products and put those products into the market. In recent years, UnionTech has continued to increase investment in R&D. Based on its R&D achievements, the Company has applied for 185 domestic patents and 8 overseas PCT patents, and obtained 90 authorized domestic patents and 6 overseas patents. In the industry, its comprehensive technology has reached the international advanced level and leading level in China.

UnionTech is now the council member of 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance of China, the vice-president and council member of Shanghai Additive Manufacturing Association, and the designated unit of 3D printing technology industrialization of Shanghai Industrial Technology Institute. It undertook the special project on standardization promotion in Shanghai in 2017, led the standard pilot of SLD 3D Printer Alliance, and promoted the formulation of SLD 3D printer group standards. In 2018, UnionTech successfully completed the compilation of the SLD 3D printer group standard and published it.

UnionTech adheres to R&D and design in the fast-changing industrial development competition. Since its establishment, UnionTech continues to have its strong presence in the additive manufacturing industry, actively undertakes corporate social responsibility, integrates superior resources, and provides comprehensive and professional, creative and dynamic integrated solutions and excellent customer experience for government and corporate customers. In the future, UnionTech will adhere to the mission of “sustainable development for better future”, make perfect integration of R&D and design, and continue to contribute to the development of global additive manufacturing industry.

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