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Uniontech Announces Strategy to Grow Commercial Usage of Stereolithography (SL)

The UnionTech™ PILOT commercial series of industrial grade stereolithography equipment is aimed at the commercial user who is currently priced out of access to one of the most widely used and highly versatile 3D printing technologies of today. Pricing for the PILOT Commercial Series SL equipment begins at under 100,000 euros.

A huge advance in affordability does not translate to any compromise in performance capability. Today, PILOT users with access to a full spectrum of “21st century” materials can produce a full range of high quality industrial grade applications including investment casting patterns, metal clad composite patterns, injection molding tooling and wide range of functional prototypes capabilities.

The PILOT series features an 800 mW 355 nanometer laser allowing this equipment to utilize all industrial grades SL photopolymers. The PILOT series of SL equipment, similar to the RSPro production series, features key components from globally recognized suppliers including American Optowave, SCANLAB and Panasonic. Robust construction details include a granite recoater frame, closed loop control of key operating parameters, pump fed refill capability, and a high efficiency vacuum recoating system.

Photo caption: UnionTech’s PILOT 250 offers high performance and application diversity at an affordable price.

UnionTech’s commercial series consists of two machines, the PILOT 250 and PILOT 450  (platform sizes ranging from 250 mm x 250mm x 250 mm to 450mm x 450mm x 400mm). Both machines are capable of layer thicknesses as low as 0.05 mm and scanning speeds up to 12 m/s.

“UnionTech’s experience in our domestic market has proven that, at the proper price point, the quality and versatility of “industrial grade” SL is a preferred 3D printing technology,” states Barry Tsou, president, UnionTech. “Providing users with improved affordability, our strategy is to further enable commercial 3D printing users in Europe and North America to access this technology solution to support continue growth and application innovation. We fully expect to see significant sales volume growth of the PILOT series in this commercial market segment.”

About UnionTech

For nearly 20 years, UnionTech stereolithography (SL) 3D printing equipment has been developed and manufactured in an environment of intense regional competition. The UnionTech product offering for the international market of today reflects the experience that has made it a global leader in stereolithography.

Our equipment is robustly constructed for low cost of ownership, from the initial purchase onward while producing the highest quality parts. Parts produced on UnionTech SL equipment are highly accurate with excellent feature resolution and full density, smooth surfaces. A philosophy of open design relative to material usage demonstrates UnionTech’s desire to provide customers with the best available product solutions. Explore the fresh dimension in SL 3D printing that UnionTech makes available in a full line of commercial and production scale machines.

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