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3D Printing for Cultural Creativity

3D Printing for Cultural Creativity

The integration of 3D printing technology in the realm of cultural and creative arts is profoundly invigorating, breathing new life into the field. Its mission is to translate inspiration into tangible reality. UnionTech is unwavering in its commitment to discharge responsibilities and obligations, aiming to emancipate artistic expression from the limitations of traditional applications, and the goal is to surmount obstacles that impede creativity and endow artists with boundless possibilities for innovation.

3D Printing Technology in the Culture of Creativity

3D Printing Models

In contrast to flat reproductions captured by a camera, the application of 3D printing technology breathes a more vibrant "new life" into the model! The meticulously crafted exterior and the exceptional detailing of the interior contribute to a near 100% restoration of the model to its most authentic state. The commitment to excellence is driven by the desire to enhance the efficiency and quality of the creative process.




3D Printed Models

3D Printed Advertising Props

The fusion of 3D printing technology with advertising props ignites unprecedented creativity. These props not only deliver exceptional visual appeal but also present a captivating visual feast. The blend of high-tech efficiency and eco-friendliness exemplifies the prowess of UnionTech's 3D printing, attracting a broader audience and facilitating unique product exposure.



3D Printed Advertising Props

3D Printed Soft Decoration

Home decoration design serves as a potent expression of personal taste, and the infusion of 3D printing technology amplifies the unfolding beauty. High-precision and high-speed prototyping technology effortlessly unveils intricately shaped and finely detailed products to the public. UnionTech's 3D printing materializes the concept of "practical aesthetics" with seamless precision.



3D Printed Home Decorations

3D Printed Toys

Toys, synonymous with childhood, experience a significant boon with the backing of 3D printing technology. In the contemporary quest for diversity, personalization, and customization, the incorporation of 3D printing revolutionizes conventional, laborious, and time-consuming production processes. This technology enables the crafting of innovative and niche products that cater to the evolving tastes of modern consumers.



3D Printed Toys

3D Printed Action Figures

The infusion of 3D printing technology breathes new life into the cultural and creative industry. Whether it's the creation of petite blind box figurines or the crafting of larger, attention-grabbing doll designs, the diverse and imaginative works owe their existence to the capabilities of 3D printing. UnionTech, serving as the custodian of dreams, is dedicated to illuminating the path to boundless passion. Its unfettered application in the cultural and creative realm constructs a vast, imaginative paradise for artists.



3D Printing Action Figure

3D Printed Sculptures

In the midst of the contemporary art wave, UnionTech stands committed to upholding and preserving traditional art and culture. The fusion of the artisan spirit with 3D printing technology effectively breaks down the limitations inherent in traditional craftsmanship. The marvel of science and technology enables us to traverse thousands of years and engage in a dialogue with ancient civilizations. Despite the temporal gap, we share a collective cultural heritage.



3D Printed Sculptures

Testimonials from Partners of UnionTech

Artist Renjie Lu

"Thanks to UnionTech Technology, our partner company, which utilizes the power of technology to flawlessly present design details through 3D printing. The exquisite and highly accurate finished products showcase the efficiency of UnionTech's technology. The rise of Chinese technology truly impresses me."

3D Printed Classic of Mountains and Seas Action Figures

Georage Qiao, Head of KITSUNE Model Studio:

"UnionTech's 3D printer consistently produces outstanding results. Employing the π200 animation printer, the printed 'Gundam scene' retained their shape and precision over time. This underscores the remarkable stability of UnionTech's 3D printer, making it an ideal choice for crafting intricate models."




3D Printing Gundam Scene Models

Jingguo Hong, the CEO of Huizhou Qihang 3D Technology

"The introduction of 3D printing technology not only resolves time constraints but also facilitates the flexible modification of computer-based models. We can now effortlessly create, modify, and customize elements in models according to customer preferences—an idea that was previously unimaginable. UnionTech's comprehensive 3D printing solutions for the animation figure industry, covering equipment, software, and material research and development, effectively meet customer demands for high precision and top-quality figures."


3D Printing Process


3D Printing Action Figure Parts

Case Studies from Partners of UnionTech

Xifeng Buddhist Statues

UnionTech's 3D printing technology empowers sculptors in the Xifeng Buddhist statue industry, enabling a secondary sublimation of their artistry. Zhiliang Huang, the general manager of Xifeng Buddha Art Statues, has acquired six sets of 3D printers from UnionTech, complemented by their tailored 3D printing digital solution for the sculpture industry. This combination has yielded exceptional results in Buddha statue production. Huang Zhiliang candidly describes it as an organic fusion of technology, religion, and art.

3D printing technology has successfully addressed creators' concerns regarding raw materials, time constraints, and physical exertion. It liberates their hands, enabling the realization of ideas and creativity. Additionally, Unionfab ONE, an application in the 3D printing field, facilitates one-click efficiency improvements and high-speed collaboration, gaining substantial recognition from numerous printing service companies and customers across various industries.




3D Printed Buddha Statue

Qucheng Creation - 3D Printing Service Bureau

Qucheng Creation, a 3D printing service bureau based in Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province, relies on UnionTech's 3D printing technology to provide top-notch services to small and medium-sized enterprises. With the acquisition of 20 sets of UnionTech 3D printing system, Qucheng effortlessly meets its daily production demands. Leveraging UnionTech Technology's one-click ordering platform, Unionfab ONE, and our in-house pre-processing software, Polydevs, Qucheng experiences minimal defective parts, resulting in highly satisfied customers and virtually zero product returns. Moreover, the entire process, from startup to product presentation, can often be completed within a day, ensuring efficient production.



3D Printed Parts

The Upper Body Portrait of Dalí

Beijing University of Technology's Zhang Fei Printing Studio partnered with UnionTech to flawlessly recreate an upper body portrait of Dalí using cutting-edge 3D printing technology. The printed statue faithfully replicates Dalí's upper body portrait and features a customized spray device for his distinctive beard. Designed and produced by student Yongjun Wang under the guidance of Zhang Fei's printing studio teacher, Wenyi Wang, this collaboration represents the inaugural instance of UnionTech providing technical support to Zhang Fei's printing studio.


3D Printed Upper Body Portrait of Dali


3D Printed Transforms Dali's Beard

UnionTech 3D Printing Technology Boosts the Manufacture of Ship Models

Shanghai Xiumei Model, a leading ship model production company in China, is a member of the China Shipbuilding Industry Association and the China Shipbuilding Industry Association Ship Branch. Additionally, it is a governing unit member of the Shanghai Additive Manufacturing Association and holds ISO9001 quality system certification. The company's impeccably crafted and lifelike products are exported worldwide.

UnionTech's 3D printing technology has revolutionized the manufacturing of exquisite model ships. Since 2013, Shanghai Xiumei Model has integrated UnionTech's 3D printing equipment, utilizing over 30 light-curing 3D printers and several large-scale RSPro1400 3D printers which not only enhanced production capacity but also streamlined the manufacturing process.


3D Printed Product Assembly Working Drawing




3D Printed Ship Models

The application of 3D printing technology can be likened to opening Pandora's box, revealing a continuous stream of new novelties and surprises. UnionTech is dedicated to thoroughly exploring and fostering captivating applications of 3D printing technology within the cultural and creative realm, facilitating the realization of even more remarkable artistic creations.

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