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Create a Smart Future 3d Printing Application Salon Held in Dongguan

"Create a Smart Future" 3D Printing Application Salon held by UnionTech in Dongguan on September 11 has invited about 30 guests from leading 3D printing model providers and users, such as FOHAN, Huitong, Gree and Modern Dental Laboratory, to discuss topics like in-depth application of 3D printing in all industries, improvement of enterprise efficiency, 3D printing and IoT, and big data application.

Wang Baitang, Director of UnionTech Marketing Department, introduced the Salon and its background, and gave a warm welcome to guests who have taken time out of their busy schedule to attend the activity during the opening session. Heated discussions and active participation on site revealed all industries’ expectation of the development of 3D printing technology and great attention to the new application of new technologies.

"Create a Smart Future" 3D Printing Application Salon Held in Dongguan

According to a speech given by Wang Chao, Deputy General Manager of UnionTech, about UnionTech’s business performance during the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, despite the great impact on Chinese manufacturing industry from the unprecedented pandemic, 3D printing technology has contributed positive anti-epidemic efforts and enabled powerful production of urgently-needed medical supplies, driving the innovative and positive development of the industry. While UnionTech was recovering production during the challenging times, it was severely hit in the education and overseas markets, but has achieved various degrees of growth in its revenue from domestic industrial, dental and shoe-making sectors. Up to now, it has realized 15% growth rate in its business revenue.

3D Printing Application Salon Held in Dongguan

Zhang Wenchao, Business Director of UnionTech, introduced the most popular equipment from the Lite and G series in the industrial application, as well as S300 and Cute 380 from DLP series, and explained how to maximize their value and benefit in different industries.

SYN D10 carbonarius new material was firstly released at the Salon by Lin Jinrui, General Manager of Synthetic. With good tenacity, fineness, high temperature resistance and 84% elongation at break, it could be used in functional models, consumer electronics and other industries. As application clients, guests attending the Salon have expressed their demands and thoughts on the development and application of materials, and showed great interest in and recognition of the new material released by Synthetic.

Create a Smart Future

The development of 3D printing has accelerated the upgrade of the manufacturing industry. Currently, UnionTech is studying how to achieve regional IoT, manage big data resources and establish 3D printing ecosystem. Earlier this year, Unionfab AM Technology(Shanghai)CO.,Ltd  has launched UnionFab which achieves the intelligent IoT of 3D printing equipment and enables users to conduct 3D printing on cloud, intelligent production scheduling, repair of data model, remote equipment monitoring, equipment health management, production data analysis, and standardization management of full-course services. It can help enterprises improve actual production efficiency, reduce dependence on production workers and achieve fine management of production processes.

Application Salon Held in Dongguan

Yang Gen, General Manager of Unionfab, shared the intensive analysis of the technical trends and solutions of IoT and big data at the Salon. Attendees also have heated discussions about the development of their application in various industries and data sharing in different scenarios, business systems and platforms, which enlivened the Salon to its best.

Printing Application Salon Held in Dongguan

Based on 3D digitized manufacturing and oriented by market demands, UnionTech has studied carefully demands in market segments, focused on the integration and utilization of technical resources and carried out a lot of applied technical researches, to create value for users and wonderful user experience with 3D printing technology. With market-driven technical application, it devotes to providing “large-scale customization” and “distributed manufacturing” for users in various industries, and to constantly integrate, create and evolve new business modes.

From sharing to interaction, the Salon reached a successful conclusion in a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

Salon Held in Dongguan

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