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3D Printing for Architecture

3D Printing for Architecture

The integration of 3D printing technology into architectural design not only enables the realization of diverse architectural styles but also ensures an accurate representation of a building's inherent value. By overcoming the constraints of traditional production processes, 3D printing unleashes the imagination and creativity of artists, offering a broader platform to showcase their inspired designs.


3D Printing Applications in Architecture

3D Printed Architecture Models

The incorporation of 3D printing technology in crafting architectural models has transformed the process of translating two-dimensional architectural drawings into detailed three-dimensional representations. Now, intricate details, such as the interior design of buildings, can be reproduced with unparalleled accuracy. This substantial advancement not only diversifies but also significantly enhances the efficiency of architectural design, pushing the boundaries of creativity with the support of 3D printing technology.



3D Printed Architectural Model

3D Printed of Monuments

The introduction of 3D-printed monuments amplifies artistic inspiration and allows for the creation of enduring memories that stand the test of time, preserving them for future generations.


3D printed "Monument to Progress No. 1"


3D Printed "Progress Monument No. 1"


3D Printed "Progress Monument No. 4"

What do partners say about UnionTech 3D printing technology?

Cédric van Parys, an architect and artist from Belgium, shares his experience:

"I turned to 3D printing technology as it was the sole means to achieve the intricate detailing I desired in my work. It enabled me to achieve detailing as precise as 0.3mm. I must say, 3D printing proves highly effective."


3D Printed Architectural Monument Exhibition

3D Printing Case Studies in Architecture

Harnessing the Potential of 3D Printing Technology to Showcase Architectural Beauty and Infinite Possibilities

UnionTech's 3D printing technology played a pivotal role in the successful realization of the 2018 Zhenjiang Evergrande Children's World project. The entire production process involved utilizing 2.6 million grams (2.6 tons) of photosensitive resin materials and deploying over 100 3D printers concurrently. From the printing phase to post-coloring, the project was efficiently completed within a mere 1.5 months, resulting in a visually astonishing spectacle. This accomplishment allowed a broader audience to witness the captivating allure of 3D printing technology.


3D Printed Project Castle Model


3D Printed Model of Notre Dame de Paris

Empowering Lasting Artistic Expression and Making Art More Attainable

At the Armory Show during the 2017 Venice Biennale exhibition, UnionTech's SLA 3D printer played a crucial role in supporting Belgian architect and artist Cédric van Parys in the 3D printing of the exhibit titled "Monument to Progress." This artwork effectively depicted the past, present, and future of Shanghai, emerging as a highlight of the Shanghai Design Week at the Venice Biennale.


3D Printed Monument Exhibits


3D Printed of Finished Monuments

The integration of 3D printing technology not only ensures a more dependable assurance of quality and quantity in the development of architectural art but also empowers artists to explore new heights of creativity. Looking ahead, 3D printing is poised to unveil even more surprises within the realm of architecture.

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