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3D Printing Technology Empowerment Education & Industrial Application Alignment

Relying on the advantages of cutting-edge 3D printing technology, UnionTech made a stunning debut with its professional equipment and the latest industry solutions, jointly deploying a beautiful situation of synergistic development of science and technology, talent and education, and driving the manufacturing industry to realise a digital and intelligent transformation! UnionTech strives to realise the vision of "Integration and Innovation, Synergy and Empowerment".

Specialised equipment for specialised needs

UnionTech ’s professional-grade light-curing 3D printers AME RD2000 and industrial-grade high-performance light-curing 3D printers AME RH2500, both of which focus on real applications in the additive manufacturing industry, and are also the designated equipment for a number of competitions, which make them more targeted in terms of technology and applications by sinking into niche industries.


Professional-grade light-curing 3D printer AME RD2000

AME RD2000 belongs to the quasi-industrial desktop products, which adopts the AHEC surface exposure technology to upgrade the printing accuracy by 38% again, and can easily replicate the detail production of 0.15mm. This effectively meets the high precision printing needs of products in daily teaching and industrial applications. Combined with UnionTech's self-developed one-piece moulding lens technology, the uniformity of the light source during the printing process is up to 90%+, and the projection of parallel beams can effectively reduce the distortion phenomenon, guaranteeing users every high-quality moulding experience. And industrial-grade stable printing and AI intelligent upgrading of the interconnection, successfully eliminated the user "zero basic white", "high learning costs" of the doubts, user-friendly design allows each operator to become an "expert! User-friendly design allows every operator to become an "expert". Technical innovation to help education and teaching, industrial production to achieve simplicity and intelligence!


Industrial Grade High Performance Light Curing 3D Printer AME RH2500

Different from RD 2000, AME RH2500 adopts DLP under-projection technology, equipped with industrial-grade 4K optical machine and high-precision dual-guide ball screw design, the positioning accuracy of Z-axis can be up to 3μm, and the overall printing accuracy is upgraded to 65μm.With the support of micron level control system, the liquid level can be adjusted at high speed according to the printing situation, which further guarantees the high standard and strict requirements for precision in the printing process. 

At the same time, it integrates industrial-grade AI intelligent algorithm system, which can realise automated printing with one key, effectively improving the time utilisation rate of teachers in the process of teaching, and successfully empowering the digital transformation of the education industry with technological innovation.


As a pioneer in the domestic additive manufacturing industry, UnionTech has always been committed to the "three-dimensional force" to play a good integration of industry and education, the synergistic development of the "combined fist".

Based on the "new technology", so that the cultivation of talents convenient. Based on "wide application", let the digital application active. Based on the "effect of real", so that additive manufacturing and education, industrial business cohesion!

In the future, UnionTech will continue to make efforts to write a new chapter of the integration of industry and education with a high degree of professionalism, and provide inexhaustible power for the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry!

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