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UnionTech's Large Format Light Curing 3D Printing Technology Boosts Product Development Efficiency for Gree Electric Appliances

"Good air conditioner, made by Gree." This advertising slogan is deeply rooted in people's hearts. All along, China's well-known home appliance manufacturing industry giant Gree Electric Appliances has been continuously improving user experience through technological innovation, focusing on quality and advocating environmental protection, which has always made its market share a leading position in the domestic industry.


Gree Electric first joined hands with UnionTech in mid-2017. A cumulative total of 12 SLA 3D printers from UnionTech have been put into operation one after another in the workshop of Gree Precision Mould Company (part of the Gree Electric Group) to meet Gree Electric's long-term development strategy of vigorously laying out the integration of 3D printing technology into the R&D applications of its products.


Today, UnionTech is laying the foundation for the application of 3D printing technology for rapid prototyping and personalised production of Gree Electric's products in the home appliance industry.


Gree Electric began to pay attention to 3D printing technology as early as 2013, and had introduced three 3D printers of well-known foreign brands. With the booming development and increasing maturity of the domestic 3D printing market, in 2017, Gree Electric Appliances decided to introduce domestic 3D printers to quickly print and produce hand-board models for its various product lines, and finally chose UnionTech in view of the print quality of the sample, data processing capabilities, printing accuracy and other factors.


Gree Electric was impressed by the newly launched RSPro1400 from UnionTech, which features ultra-large format (1400*700*500mm), precision splicing, high-speed scanning, dual lasers, etc., making it possible to print large-scale prototypes and large-volume customised production. In daily operating practice, RSPro1400 effectively helps Gree Electric to achieve the overall printing of the air conditioning shell without the need for disassembly, the details of the prototype samples are complete and accurate, and the precision is similar to that of injection moulding, which greatly accelerates the development of air-conditioning products, and reduces the cost of investment in injection moulding equipment and moulds. Other application samples also include electric shaver, washing machine and rice cooker shell prototype prototype template model.

Gree Electric integrated 3D printing technology, a disruptive emerging manufacturing technology, into its daily operation process of product development, with far-reaching foresight and breakthrough demonstrative significance, showing a new generation of China's manufacturing industry giants the boldness and wisdom of breaking the mould. 

As 3D printing technology continues to develop and mature, it will inject more vitality into traditional industries. In the new era of encouraging innovation and high-tech development, UnionTech, as an industry leader in the field of industrial 3D printing, especially in the field of light-curing technology, will continue to grasp the new opportunities for development, drive the industrial upgrading of China's traditional manufacturing industry, and create new heights for the realization of the "China Smart Manufacturing" for more traditional manufacturing enterprise customers.

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