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Evonik's New High-Performance Resin Materials For 3D Printing

In December 2020, German specialty chemicals company Evonik subscribed for shares of UnionTech through its venture capital department. The industry has begun to speculate that this investment is based on Evonik’s strategic considerations for its own business development. Evonik will accelerate the launch of new 3D printing photopolymer products, especially for the fast-growing Chinese market.

In 2021, Evonik officially launched two industrial-grade photosensitive resins for 3D printing applications, INFINAM® TI3100L and INFINAM® ST6100L. These two materials are suitable for SLA, DLP and other processes. Thus, Evonik's new polymer resin product line was officially born. As a strategic partner of Evonik, UnionTech displayed samples of the above two materials at this year's TCT Asia Exhibition.

Evonik's New High-Performance Resin Materials For 3D Printing

As the first high-performance material in Evonik's photosensitive resin product line, INFINAM® TI3100L can be used to manufacture 3D printed parts with extremely high strength and good impact resistance.

1. Industrial components that can be used in SLA, DLP and other photopolymerization processes.

2. The impact resistance is 30J/m3, and the elongation at break is as high as 120%, which can resist permanent mechanical effects such as strong impact or punching.

3. High tensile toughness, high elongation, high impact strength, high stability, suitable for small batch printing.

4. It is suitable for various specific applications from industry to auto parts and consumer goods industries. It can not only meet the needs of design freedom, but also cope with the high mechanical load in the use of goods.

Evonik's New High-Performance Resin Materials


Has a wide range of application scenarios

Evonik's New High-Performance Resin

Personalized medical protective gear

Evonik's New High-Performance

Functional accessories

Evonik's New High

Batch production


One finger can bear a weight of 900 kg

New High-Performance Resin Materials For 3D Printing

It can be said that the advent of Evonik INFINAM® ST6100L fills the gap in demand for high-strength photosensitive resin materials. It is a high-strength, processable, highly heat-resistant photosensitive resin that can be used in the manufacture of industrial parts. Its performance is similar to glass fiber-reinforced nylon. It can be said to be one of the strongest additive-manufactured photosensitive resin materials on the market.

1. The tensile strength is 89MPa, the flexural stress is 145MPa, it has excellent mechanical properties, high tensile strength, and can be machined.

2. High-temperature resistance, heat distortion temperature can reach 120℃.

3. The sample has high printing accuracy & easy operation, low viscosity, a one-component system, and easy operation.

4. High stability, through 600 hours of simulated accelerated aging resistance test, the performance is still maintained.

5. Excellent surface quality, good printing resolution.

High-Performance Resin Materials For 3D Printing

High-strength shelf support for heavy-duty use (machinable)

Performance Resin Materials For 3D Printing

Excellent printing accuracy

Resin Materials For 3D Printing

Excellent weather resistance

Dr. Rainer Hahn, Head of the Photosensitive Resin Segment of Evonik's Additive Manufacturing Innovation and Growth Field, said: "INFINAM®TI 3100L and INFINAM®ST6100L mark the official launch of the first batch of photosensitive 3D materials resin under Evonik. Our R&D personnel have a wealth of Chemical expertise provides key support for the development of new materials, thereby bringing unique products with outstanding performance to the market and helping customers develop new application areas."

As a global partner of Evonik, UnionTech has established a stable, healthy and in-depth cooperative relationship from product development, and technological innovation to business cooperation. We believe that relying on cutting-edge technology and high-quality products will surely open up a larger market and create more value.

About Evonik

• Evonik is the world's leading specialty chemicals company.

• The business covers more than 100 countries and regions.

In fiscal year 2020, Evonik had sales of 12.2 billion euros and operating profit (adjusted profit before tax, interest, depreciation and amortization) of 1.91 billion euros. Evonik goes beyond the boundaries of chemistry and is committed to creating innovative, profitable and sustainable solutions for customers. Evonik's more than 33,000 employees worldwide have worked tirelessly to make human life better and better. Evonik regards the Asia-Pacific region as the main driving force of global economic development and an important source of innovation, and it is making continuous efforts to achieve sustained business growth in this region.

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