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Union Tech Inc. Post Release Party

Additive manufacturing industry experts from around the country traveled to the Midwest for a first look at the UnionTech™ RSPro product line of proven stereolithography (SL) 3D-printing solutions. This launch event, hosted by Union Tech Inc. and RP Sales America, Inc., introduced the UnionTech™ equipment to a North American market.

Union Tech Inc. Post Release Party

Guests were drawn by the opportunity to inspect the UnionTech printers up close and view the high-quality parts created with the printers. Experts from RP Sales, Union Tech, Somos® (a product brand of DSM) and Materialise presented on the advantages of this equipment for all types of businesses. Attendees were also treated to an immersive virtual reality tour that allowed them to “walk” inside an investment casting pattern designed with Materialise’s Magics TetraShell™ module.

Union Tech Inc

The UnionTech™ printers made a big impression on the event’s attendees. “I have a high degree of confidence in the UnionTech stereolithography offering from RP Sales America, and I found that other seasoned users at the launch event felt the same,” said Todd Grimm, President of TA Grimm & Associates. “The technology is sound, the machines well-built and the post-sales support will be exceptional. With these machines, companies will have a reliable, value-priced option that welcomes photopolymer from any source.”

An open platform for materials and repair is just one part of the value proposition offered by the UnionTech machines: businesses can also expect to achieve high-quality part manufacture and enhanced cost of ownership over the lifetime of the printer. “UnionTech™ SL equipment’s open access approach to materials is very refreshing, and we are glad to be a part of it,” says Arshad Khan, Somos® Sales Manager, the Americas. “Somos has over 25 years of experience developing innovative materials for the industry and has supplied material to over 500 UnionTech™ machines.”

At the end of the two-day event, participants walked away with complete confidence in the UnionTech™ SL equipment line’s robust build, reliability and capability of producing high-quality parts, as well as an in-depth understanding of the immense benefits of owning the equipment.

Though the launch event is over, interested parties are still welcome to set up a time to visit the facility and inspect the printers. Contact Hannah Crawford, marketing manager, at or call 641-651-0266 to arrange a visit.

About Union Tech, Inc.

Union Tech Inc. is a fully owned subsidiary of Shanghai Union Technology Corp., marketing the UnionTech™ RSPro line of stereolithography equipment in the US. Union Tech, Inc. believes that additive manufacturing is a major agent of change in how products are designed and manufactured. Union Tech is dedicated to assisting our customers in fully accessing the potential of photopolymer-based additive manufacturing. Additional information on Union Tech, Inc. may be obtained via contact with or by calling our St. Charles, Illinois, office at 630-797-2255.

About RP Sales America, Inc.

Based in New Sharon, Iowa, RPSA is the US distributor for the UnionTech™ RSPro line of stereolithography equipment. RP Sales America, Inc., through its sister company, RP Support America, Inc., ensures technical support and service of the UnionTech™ RSPro SL product line.

To learn more, email, call 641-651-0266 or visit

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