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Revolutionizing Footwear: UnionTech and 2M3D Showcase 3D Printing Technologies at Fimec 2024

UnionTech, in partnership with 2M3D, recently presented their latest 3D printing solutions at Fimec 2024 in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil, marking a significant advancement in the footwear manufacturing sector. These innovative technologies promise to revolutionize the way shoe molds are created, offering a modern alternative to conventional production methods.


Resin 3D Printer - FL660

Central to the showcase was the UnionTech FL660 Resin 3D Printer from the FL Series, which is specifically designed for the footwear industry. It features a large build volume of 600 × 600 × 400 mm, delivering high precision and rapid printing speeds. The FL Series introduces three pivotal applications for shoe mold production:


Replacement of Wooden Molds: The FL660 enables the direct printing of shoe prototypes with unmatched dimensional accuracy, offering a cost-effective and efficient alternative to CNC machining. This method produces molds that more accurately reflect digital designs, meeting application needs with precision.

  • New Products Try-on: The series supports the creation of small batches of new product try-on shoe molds for fit testing, significantly cutting down on the time and costs associated with shoe design.

  • Sample Shoe Model Production: It facilitates the swift creation and evaluation of sample models for new shoe designs, streamlining the design process and hastening the introduction of new products to the market.

  • UnionTech provides a variety of resin material options, including rubber-like, ABS-like, and PP-like materials in different colors, catering to diverse needs.

Metal 3D Printer - Muees Series

Additionally, UnionTech launched the Muees Series, an industrial-grade SLM metal 3D printing system comprising the Muees310 and Muees410 models. These models cater to various metal printing requirements with their unique build volumes. The Muees Series is equipped with a safety gas circulation system and an air filtration system. With its industrial-grade high-stability optical system, high-speed galvanometer and powerful 500W laser, it achieves "fast, precise, and stable" industrial-grade metal 3D printing.


Metal 3D printing in shoe mold production offers a groundbreaking alternative to the traditional stages of wooden mold creation, casting, and etching, allowing shoe manufacturers to rapidly produce new mold designs on demand. This not only saves labor but also significantly reduces environmental pollution and energy consumption.

UnionTech 3D printing technologies at Fimec 2024 showcase the potential to solve longstanding challenges in shoe mold production, heralding a new era in footwear manufacturing.

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