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Classic Reproduction | From Ancient Roots to Shanghai Roots, 3D Printing Technology Perfectly Recreates the World of Shanhaijing

The Shanhaijing is the ancient root of the Chinese ancestors' exploration of heaven and earth, and the Guangfulin cultural heritage site is the root of Shanghai's sea culture, which is the source of Shanghai's culture. 2023 Guangfulin Shanhaijing Theme Series (Season 1) "From Ancient Roots to Shanghai Roots" was officially kicked off on September 27th by Mr Lu Renjie, the founder of Sangwai Culture and an independent artist. --From the Ancient Roots to the Roots of Shanghai", the first season of the 2023 Kuanfu Forest Sutra Theme Series, was officially kicked off.


Mr Lu also said at the opening ceremony, "Chinese civilisation does not have isolated wisdom, he is a whole, there is no limitation of time and space, and the root can be found by following any point. We hope that this event will bring the audience more cultural confidence and innovative wisdom. Let these classic stories, which have inherited China's cultural values for more than 5,000 years, become a trend in the new era."

At this event, Mr Lu even introduced the cultural concepts of the Sangwai Mountain and Sea Universe IP and the [Mountain and Sea Secret Collection] Art Special Exhibition. With the help of 3D printing technology of UnionTech, the grandeur and magnificence of the Wuzang Mountain Scriptures were completely presented, and the power of science and technology crossed the time gap and reproduced the classic works in a brand new way!


Mr Lu's "Three Visits to UnionTech"

First Visit

Traditional clay moulding process

According to Mr Lu, before coming into contact with 3D printing technology, he mainly used the traditional clay moulding process to make prototypes, and the low efficiency, large errors, error-prone and other drawbacks brought about by this method greatly limited the artist's creative space.

Second Visit

3D Printing & Clay Figure "Duplex" Technology

Later, he tried the 3D printing and clay sculpture "dual-patchwork" process, the hand-pinched clay figures for machine scanning, to get a three-dimensional model and then use the 3D printing equipment for production, this attempt makes Mr Lu intuitively feel the 3D printing technology to bring intelligent and efficient.

Third Visit

3D Printing Process

In order to further enhance the efficiency of creation, Mr. Lu chose to take the initiative to learn CAD modelling operation, and finally succeeded in getting rid of the tedious process of manually kneading clay figures, and realized the automated production of one-click printing.


3D printed prototype of Shanhaijing

Mr Lu's unbreakable bond with 3D printing technology also profoundly explains the importance of intelligent technology in artistic creation. The collision of cutting-edge technology and ancient classics unlocked Chinese romance in a brand new way. While bringing everyone a refreshing immersive cultural experience, it is also a common tribute to the everlasting Chinese civilisation!

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