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Dali's beard, UnionTech and Zhang Fei printing jointly reproduce the artistic creativity!

"Who was Dali's beard to give him to think about

I bent the spoon and borrowed your inspiration, don’t pay me back.”

Jay Chou "The Greatest Work"

Dali's beard once again appeared in the public's field of vision


Dali was a famous Spanish Catalan painter

Famous for its surrealist works

is an artist of extraordinary talent and imagination


Dali made serious contributions to surrealism and art of the 20th century. Together with Picasso and Matisse, he is known as the three most representative painters of the 20th century, and is a new painting circle in modern art. One of the three masters.


And Dali also has a quirk, that is, before falling asleep, he will hold a spoon in his hand. When he was drowsy, the spoon in his hand would drop to the ground, and he would wake up and draw the inspiration. So his classic works are also full of inspiration, even he himself is constantly creative, and his beard has become a symbol of Dali!


If you don't know this extraordinary artist

Then you must have heard of this painting

Today these two mustaches are works of art in themselves


Zhang Fei Printing Studio of Beijing University of Technology cooperates with UnionTech

Relying on industrial SLA 3D printer to print and make statues

Perfect reproduction of Dali's upper body portrait

Not only that, but also made a spray device with those two unique mustaches



(Modify Dali's beard)



(Make the structure for installing the atomizer inside the Dali model)

Dali’s art installation this time is a 3D printed product designed and produced by Wang Yongjun, a student under the guidance of Zhang Fei’s printing room teacher Wang Wenyi. It is also the first time that UnionTech has provided technical support for Zhang Fei’s printing room. Zhang Fei Printing is a 3D printing art design studio, which was born in 2015 in the School of Art and Design of Beijing University of Technology. The studio is keen on 3D printing technology, giving full play to the "fun" nature of 3D printing, and has accumulated experience in the industry Certain fame and fans, but also undertake the important mission of popularizing 3D printing education.


UnionTech continues to strengthen its self-breakthrough while continuously cultivating the field of 3D printing. In line with its dedication to the research and development of 3D printing technology, as a leading 3D printing company, UnionTech has taken the initiative to undertake social responsibilities and has carried out in-depth cooperation with many schools. Giving various levels of guidance to various high-efficiency hardware equipment, technical support and so on. In the future, UnionTech will continue to cooperate with college art studios to make teachers and students feel the charm of 3D printing technology, create favorable conditions for the vigorous development of 3D printing technology talents in my country, and realize more artistic creations!

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