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The star product S300+ appeared at the IDS Dental and Dental Exhibition in Cologne, Germany


The biennial dental and dentistry exhibition IDS in Cologne, Germany, will be held from March 14-18, 2023. The five-day exhibition will introduce the latest products, developments and trends in the industry for the dental profession, dental technology trade, dental professional trade and dental industry.

Uniontech company will bring a full range of dental digital 3D printing solutions to IDS2023, and depict the future of dentistry together with global dental companies at this world's top dental exhibition.

Exhibition time: March 14-18

Venue: Cologne, Germany

Uniontech booth: Hall 11.3 J091

Star product S300+ at IDS

With more than 20 years of expertise in the field of 3D printing, Union Tech Technology continues to empower dental care. At IDS2023, Union Tech launched a new generation of ultra-high efficiency 3D printer S300+, a new iteration of the S300, a high precision dental printer made of DLP material. It is a star product in the dental application market, and can be used to print high quality prosthetic models, implant models, implant guides, movable dental models, orthodontic models and so on. Since its introduction to the market, it has gained a good user reputation and is being used by 1000 dental institutions worldwide.

Newly upgraded to light weight aluminum plate

Adopt aerospace material lightweight printing panel, surface exposure efficiency linearly accelerated, printing speed increased by 50%

Built-in heating cycle system

The S300+ has a built-in intelligent heating cycle system, which precisely ensures constant temperature in the printing bin and improves the stability of the device by 80%.

Equipped with status indicator

The S300+ is equipped with status indicators to monitor the printing status at any time, making the printing process safe and orderly.

Large-format fully automatic dental 3D printing device

Built-in Unionfab ONE system, one key to wake up the slicing software, easy to achieve intelligent operation printing, compared with the first generation of S300, S300+ equipment using optical sealing technology, optical machine life greatly enhanced

Six new adjustment functions

Optical path vertical adjustment method; aberration correction from manual to automatic; automatic uniformity correction; automatic avoidance of hole measurement; power correction of self-made power meter; a set of self-made power meter automatic correction tooling, 60% improvement in consistency

A number of dental digital applications

Our Services

Quality Assurance

One-year warranty, free lifetime remote service, strong professional after-sales service team

Training System

Comprehensive, professional dental offline training and rich online learning materials

Global Channels

We have a global network of agents to provide comprehensive and professional technical support for your local procurement in each country. Uniontech has custom selections of stereolithography 3d printer for sale in stock at bulk/wholesle prices. Welcom to inquiry.

International certification

CE certification (Notified Body Code 0865)

From technician office to clinic, innovation will not stop

Over the years, Uniontech has continued to innovate and deepen the dental digital collar to create convenient and fast dental digital 3D printing solutions, providing dental professionals with 3D printers including SLA 3D printer and industrial DLP 3d printer, 3D printing software, and professional dental materials that are easily and quickly adapted to the development of dentistry. From CAD design to finished 3D printing, EvoDent has a full set of 3D printing solutions, aiming to change the way of dental processing, chairside restoration and orthodontic implantation with professional 3D printing technology, defining the standard of digital 3D printing application in dentistry and escorting the best results you expect.

About EvoDent

In recent years, Union Tech has been deeply laying out the dental industry and rapidly developing in the field of dentistry. EvoDent is a brand of dental-specific 3D printers launched by Shanghai Union Tech Co., Ltd. in July 2017, through in-depth cooperation with dental experts around the world, the application of light-curing technology in dentistry, and the resulting development of EvoDent E series, D series and S series products, aiming  to change the way of dental processing from traditional manufacturing to digital transformation with professional 3D printing technology (It used DLP & LCD material as raw material; The brand of DLP & LCD material in Union Tech are LIQCREATE Premium ModelLIQCREATE Wax Castable and INFINAM RG 3101 L etc. ) and define the standard of 3D printing for different dental applications.

About IDS

The International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne is the largest, most influential and important trade fair for dental equipment, devices, pharmaceuticals and technology in the international dental industry, and is the event for dental hospitals, dental laboratories, dental professional supplies trade, and the dental dental industry. Visitors come from all over the world, representing all different segments of the dental industry chain. This year is the 100th anniversary of the exhibition, as the world's top dental exhibition, attracting professional visitors and companies from all over the world to participate.

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