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Infinite Possibilities——π200 High-precision DLP Anime 3D Printer C-bit Debut

"Hard core cool appearance design, powerful core technology"

The perfect 3D printer in your heart——π200 high-precision DLP animation 3D printer is here!

Sophisticated craftsmanship gives you unlimited possibilities for creativity

UnionTech's latest π200DLP animation 3D printer adopts industrial-grade 4K light engine, with precise optical structure, super light source technology and projection automatic calibration technology, bringing more development space for your creativity.


Through the self-developed algorithm of UnionTech Technology, π200 can truly improve the uniformity of light intensity in the full format. With the support of the original light intensity uniformity correction technology, the machine can automatically collect comprehensive and fast data, realize high-precision algorithm correction, and improve the uniformity of light intensity in the full format. Strong uniformity, the uniformity is as high as 95%. In addition, with the strong product development capabilities of UnionTech, the distortion rate of π200 is reduced to 1.5‰, which truly realizes high-precision printing.


The π200DLP animation 3D printer adopts a self-developed high-performance resin tank structure, and uses a 120,000-time super-life-span replaceable resin tank. It can be said that to reduce the cost of use, the π200 animation 3D printer has achieved the ultimate! The peeling mechanism design with independent property rights, the machine has a small peeling force, and the sound generated during use is lower than 50 decibels. It is quiet and environmentally friendly, and at the same time provides you with a comfortable experience of creation.


Three printing modes give you unlimited possibilities for finished products

The π200DLP animation 3D printer has three modes: fine mode, balanced mode and smooth mode, which are perfectly suitable for the animation industry!


The pixel precision is as high as 50μm, and the optical-mechanical resolution is 3840×2160! Super strong detail restoration ability allows you to easily get sharp-edged, smooth-surfaced animation figures~




Excellent quality gives you unlimited possibilities

The π200 animation 3D printer based on UnionTech's recent research and development results uses advanced DLP technology to image through millions or even tens of millions of tiny, high-precision pixels, so the printing resolution is excellent. The pixel size of laser-based stereolithography equipment is close to 100 μm, the pixel size of printers using DLP technology is 50 μm, and the width of our hair is 100 μm. Compared with other 3D printing methods, the printing resolution of DLP printer π200 wins by an absolute advantage! The surface of the finished product is also smoother, and the overall printing effect is more satisfactory, and there is almost no need for grinding except for local support, and the subsequent processing is simple and convenient.


Not just equipment, UnionTech launches 3D printing solutions for the animation industry


●The 3D printing figures can be personalized and customized, and you can print your favorite game characters, game props, and animation characters with unique characteristics.

●More texture. The hand-made characters are of high precision and good texture.

●Fast and efficient. The traditional process takes about 6 months to complete this first batch of finished products, and 3D printing helps shorten the process to 1 week.

●Data can be processed repeatedly, expanded or scaled.

●The overall cost is low. Compared with mold opening and pure hand-made, the 3D printing solution significantly reduces the cost

UnionTech provides a full range of 3D printing solutions for the animation industry, from animation industry-specific 3D printing materials and animation 3D printing equipment to pre-processing software, 3D printing cloud platforms, and DLP cultural and creative technology packages with enhanced details. In every aspect, UnionTech has made the details to the extreme.

We believe that the integration of 3D printing technology and the animation industry will help the animation industry complete a revolutionary upgrade. With the continuous update and iteration of materials, the price will gradually drop, and the accuracy and speed of 3D printing equipment will increase. We believe that 3D printing will play an important role in the animation industry. The industry's in-depth large-scale application should come soon.

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