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D800, the New 3d Printer for Digital Dentistry & Orthodontics

D800, The New 3d Printer For Digital Dentistry & Orthodontics

UnionTech will release a new 3D printer for digital dentistry and orthodontics at the upcoming TCT Asia 2021. Continuing the naming convention of the same series, this product has been named the D800, let's see what's new with it.

1. Automatic shoveling

Patented technology independently developed by UnionTech — cogging intelligent precision structure

The mechanical structure based on bionics principles makes the peeling force extremely small so as to ensure the safety of dental models, improve the stability, and complete the shoveling cleanly.

The excellent design also guarantees high reliability, high stability, and easy maintenance.

New 3d Printer For Digital Dentistry & Orthodontics

2. Automatic recycling

The printer determines whether the collection tank is in place through intelligent detection to realize the function of automatically recycling dental models;

The built-in filter in the dental model collection tank filters the excess resin remaining on the dental model and realizes the secondary recycling of resin;

The printer is reserved with a smart car interface to solve the short-distance transportation problem in the factory.

3d Printer For Digital Dentistry & Orthodontics

3. Automatic resin refilling

The independently developed automatic resin refilling solution can realize centralized feeding and automatic resin refilling for each device.

The client can arrange a centralized resin filling tank, which is distributed to each device through a pipeline, and an automatic resin refilling module can be arranged on the device side to achieve the automatic resin refilling function. This can reduce labor input and improve production efficiency.

Digital Dentistry & Orthodontics

4. Automatic typesetting

Polydevs Pro, a powerful 3D printing pre-processing software

After data is input, it can automatically import the data into the model, realize one-click automatic placement and automatic slicing, and directly export the slicing file.

5. Automatic printing

Unionfab Industrial Internet Cloud Intelligent Manufacturing Platform

Such functions as Cloud 3D printing, intelligent production scheduling, auxiliary data model repair, remote monitoring for equipment, equipment health management, production data analysis, and full-process standardized management for services help companies improve actual production efficiency while reducing dependence on field production personnel, and realize the fine management of the production process.

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