Enterprise-level 3D Printing Industrial Internet Platform
One-stop Digitization Solution for 3D Printing Factory
A Digitized, Mobile and Intelligent 3D Printing Cloud Factory Built over a Cup of Coffee
UnionFab, a 3D printing cloud manufacturing SAAS platform, is able to help 3D printing factories achieve intelligent upgrading quickly and cheaply, with new functions like intelligent automated quotation system, order management system for customer service personnel, data-aided system, intelligent production scheduling, remote production management and digital management of equipment, in order to improve their customer service experience, production efficiency, managerial and administrative expertise.
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Who Need UnionFab
  • 3D printing service provider
  • 3D printing factory built by terminal enterprise
  • College, university and scientific research institution
  • 3D printing equipment provider

3D printing service provider

Pain points:
Low efficiency in quotations offered by customer service personnel and increasing cost caused by disorganized management of orders;
Operating loss caused by disorganized production management, private use of public resources and mixed use of equipment
Low equipment utilization rate, high equipment down time and late in version upgrading
It is difficult to perform fine production management and control due to the absence of data
It is difficult to shape large-scale development for lack of large-scale automatic production capability and heavy dependency on labor

Terminal Companies Built Their Own 3D Printing Factory

High 3D printing equipment use requirements, complex process adjustment
Low efficiency of production control and production personnel management
Low utilization rate of equipment layout, lower equipment return rate than expected
Difficult to integrate with enterprise ERP, MES and other digital systems to meet enterprise digital management and control needs

Universities and Scientific Research Institutions

3D printer safe use specification
To meet the needs of cloud printing teaching, provide the conditions for overall scientific research and teaching
Data-based scientific research process, data analysis review, forming an overall academic research report

3D Printing Service Provider

Most 3D printers lack an effective cloud management system, and the existing production capacity has low market competitiveness
Unable to provide after-sales service to customers remotely, offline manual intervention is highly dependent, and costs remain high
Lack of business model innovation equipment IoT foundation, it is difficult to scale business expansion
Run Your Own Cloud Factory with One Click
  • Online Quotation

    Intelligent online quotation service offers fast and convenient experience;
    Configurable quotation system able to handle complicated orders and satisfy enterprise demands;
    Quotation related to work order and digital workflow to handle orders inside the factory;
  • Order Management

    Digital management and control throughout the whole order transfer process, with the production performance of orders visible and the order transfer process traceable;
    Management of special orders to satisfy various production and delivery period demands from users;
    Data-intensive order management provides a prerequisite for the enterprise’s entire digitization;
  • Data Processing

    Supporting the repair of auxiliary data models to enable rapid repair of 90% of data models and improve the model repair efficiency;
    Simulating printing with intelligent BPC processing dramatically improves printing efficiency and data processing speed;
    Intelligent and accurate data processing solutions enabled by the developing machine learning;
  • Production Scheduling

    Intelligent production scheduling solutions able to find the appropriate material, match the proper techniques and provide reasonable production tasks to each piece of equipment;
    Flexible production planning offers all-round production information;
    Production progress under control, production tassk could be adjusted flexibly with visible production data;
  • Production Management

    Informing different people matters they need to handle through PC, WeChat, short messaging service, large screen in the factory and many other ways in real time could improve the work efficiency;
    Accomplishing material inventory management, quality inspection process management and outbound logistics management through the platform improves production management and renders order transfer process traceable
  • Equipment Management

    Providing equipment record and equipment maintenance and upgrading plans based on its actual usage;
    Recording the equipment working efficiency and damaged parts in real time, providing accurate productivity forecast, and adjusting production tasks in time;
    Accomplishing equipment technique package setting and upgrading with a remote-control method to enable flexible production;
    Detecting damaged parts and monitoring the production enable timely understanding of the equipment condition;
  • Real-time Data Statistics and Analysis

    High-efficiency data mining enabled by cloud computing and big data. Visual diagrams offer real-time information of production and even advanced functions like data drilling. Multi-dimensional data analysis could be accomplished by clicks and drags. With business feedbacks based on silent data, all functions are able to analyze their actual businesses and improve their service quality and production efficiency
  • Multiterminal Synchronization
    It provides multiple access patterns, including web client, APP and Openplatform, as well as WeChat applets, including online quotation, online model data review, placing orders online, so as to satisfy users’ various needs on remote business management and control.
  • Public Network without traffic charges
  • Equipment IoT
    Based on its technical capacities of cloud computing, big data, AI and IoT, Unionfab is able to able to achieve intelligent interconnection and remote-control intelligent operation of 3D printers. UnionFab BOX is the basis for developing edge computing network and supports standard industrial Internet protocols like HPPT, MOTT, ModBus and QPCUA.
  • Access Control
    It provides lessee access authority management. Through simple operation, users could obtain the authority to review and operate based on the actual organizational structure, so as to implement internal management.
  • Mixed Cloud Deployment
    It provides several deployment modes, including public cloud, private cloud and mixed cloud, to implement local deployment and control on core data, so as to satisfy enterprises’ needs of data privacy.
  • Open API
    Unionfab offers Open API, so it could satisfy the planning and needs on digitalization construction of large- and medium-sized enterprises. Through a little amount of technology docking, it could support existing ERP, MES and other software management systems of enterprises.
How to Apply for Using
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  • Contract Signing and Execution

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