Lite 800

High efficiency,High Precision,High Stability with large format 3D printing machine. Using variable spot and split design to provide a one-stop solution for large-format integral printing, small-format for large-batch printing.
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Technical Parameter
Lite 800
Build Envelope Capacity 800 ×  800 ×  550 mm Laser Solid-state frequency tripled Nd:YVO 4
Maximum Part Weight 150kg(330.7 lb) Laser power 1500mW/2000mW
Layer thickness 0.07-0.25 mm Scanning speed 8–15 m/s (Typical),18 m/s (Maximum)
Elevator Positioning Accuracy ≤±8 μm Beam diameter 0.12 – 0.9 mm
Recoater Frame Marble Equipment Size 2378×1792×2085 mm
Wavelength 355 nm Weight 1680kg(with 1235 lb (560 kg) initial fill inside
Control software UnionTech™ RSCON Input Data File Format STL
Data pretreatment Materialise Magics Link UnionTech Electrical Requirements 200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, single-phase
Operation system Windows 7 / Windows 10 Temperature Range 72–79°F (22–26°C)
Resin Tank Manually replacing Relative Humidity <40% non-condensing
Network Type and Protocol Ethernet, IEEE 802.3 using TCP/IP and NFS
Material Recommendation
More Materials,More Possibilities

Car parts

Size: 1089.510(L) × 144.174(W) × 204.308(H) mm

Car door panel

Size: 811.844 (L) ×550.071 (W) ×109.301 (H) mm
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