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  • E120

    • Window and display enabling easy visual inspection and print status
    • Fast and easy exchange of resin tray and materials
    • Enlarged build envelope for enhanced print capacit
    • Touch screen with intuitive user interface
    • Integrated PC Supporting Ethernet WiFi and USB
  • S110

    • Software created for dental CAD applications.
    • Automatic layer thickness based on the indication selected.
    • AutoStand - automatic support generation feature.
    • Send to printer via Wifi, Ethernet or USB.
    • PolyDevs works for all EvoDent E and S series in your laboratory or dental office.
  • Cute 380

    • The industrial grade 4K DLP optical engine enables 3D printing of dental molds with fast speed, larg...
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UnionTech's product lines cover all trades and professions,such as shoe mold production,electronics,automobile,architecture,cultural creativity,medical development,oral and dental treatment,and education. To learn more about our technical strength worldwide,please leave your information. We will give you a reply in the shortest time!
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