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"Good air conditioning, GREE construction." This advertisement is deeply rooted in people's hearts. For a long time, GREE Electrical Appliances,a well-known domestic appliance manufacturing giant, has continuously improved its user experience by technological innovation, focusing on quality and advocating environmental protection, and has always placed its market share in the leading position of the domestic industry.

GREE Electric Co., Ltd. first joined hands with Thai Technologies in mid-2017. In the past year, 12 SLA 3-D printing equipments have been put into operation in the workshop of GREE Precision Mold Company (affiliated to GREE Electrical Appliances Group) in order to meet the requirement of integrating the 3D printing technology of GREE Electrical Appliances into its product development and application.

Long-term development strategy.Nowadays, GREE Electric and UnionTech Technologies have joined forces once again, successfully signed the cooperation agreement of adding machines, which lays a foundation for the rapid prototyping and personalized production application of 3D printing technology in household appliances industry.

Industry · Prototyping and Mold-making

GREE Electric began to pay attention to 3D printing technology as early as 2013, and has introduced three well-known foreign brands of 3D printers. With the vigorous development and maturity of the domestic 3D printing market, in 2017, GREE Electric decided to introduce domestic 3D printers to quickly print and produce the hand model of its product lines. Finally, in view of the printing quality, data processing ability, printing accuracy and other factors, it chose UnionTech Technology.

GREE Electric is impressed by the new product RSPro1400 launched by UnionTech Technologies. This model has the characteristics of super large area (1400*700*500mm), precision splicing, high-speed scanning and double lasers, which makes it possible to print large prototypes and mass customize production. In daily operation practice, RSPro1400 effectively helps GREE Electric to achieve the overall printing of air-conditioning shell, without splitting, complete and accurate prototype details, precision

and injection, greatly speeding up the development of air-conditioning products, but also reduces the cost of injection equipment and molds. Other application samples include hand panel models of shell samples such as electric shavers, washing machines and rice cookers.

The EPM, an intelligent printing management system developed by UnionTech Technologies, enables the staff of GREE Electrical Appliances to monitor the printing progress of more than a dozen UnionTech Technologies printing equipments in real time, making the monitoring work more convenient. In addition to providing high-performance hardware and software, UnionTech Technologies has also equipped a dedicated and fast-response technical team for GREE Electric to deal with after-sales problems. GREE Electric Appliances integrates 3D printing technology, a new and subversive manufacturing technology, into its daily operation process of product development, which has far-reaching forward-looking and breakthrough demonstration significance, and shows the courage and wisdom of a new generation of Chinese manufacturing giant enterprises. This successful contract renewal shows that GREE Electric has highly affirmed the cooperation between the two sides in the past year.

With the continuous development and maturity of 3D printing technology, it will inject more vitality into the traditional industry. In the new era of encouraging innovation and high-tech development, as the industry leader in the field of industrial 3D printing, especially in the field of light curing technology, UnionTech Science and Technology will continue to grasp the new development opportunities, promote the upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry in China, and promote the realization of "China Intelligent Manufacturing" for more customers of traditional manufacturing enterprises and create new heights.

About GREE Electrical Appliances

Founded in 1991, ZhuHai GREE Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is the largest professional air conditioning enterprise in the world, which integrates R&D, production, sales and GREE Electric Appliance Logo Service. The "GREE" brand air-conditioning under GREE Electric Appliance is the only "world famous brand" product in China's air-conditioning industry. GREE Electric Business covers more than 100 countries and regions in the world. Since 1995, GREE Air-conditioning has ranked first in China's air-conditioning industry in terms of production, sales and market share for 16 consecutive years; since 2005, household air-conditioning has ranked first in the world for 4 consecutive years; and in 2008, GREE Electrical Appliances has more than 88 million users worldwide.

About UnionTech:Established in 2000, UnionTech shows nearly 20 years of proven leadership of globally-sourced SLA 3D Printing Systems and is now the market leader of SL equipment in Asia. We have broadened our market reach to support a quickly growing customer base in North America, Europe, and Russia. Our long-time approved CE-certified SL technology with reliable technical support and maintenance options is widely established in multiple industries like mold making & tooling, automotive, footwear, arts, dental & medical, education & research, etc. We also strengthen our leadership as an Additive Manufacturing (AM) equipment and solutions supplier by actively focusing on the evolution of new photopolymer AM technologies. Nearly 30% of our growing professional team is dedicated to research and product development. All of these benefits are supported by our global affiliation with other marketplace leaders. By living our core values day-by-day, we dedicate ourselves to developing innovative technologies and efficient models which evoke the potential of 3D-Printing, to serve the needs of our customers and pave our way to global success, under adherence of a continuous pursuit towards perfection.


The versatility of 3D printing materials decides the versatility of products. With nearly 20-year practice and experience in the industry,UnionTech has developed stereo lithography apparatus (SLA) materials with industrial performance close to that of engineering plastics,high-transparency acrylic SLA materials,high-flexibility SLA materials and heat-resistant SLA materials that could replace molds.

Unionfab Cloud

Unionfab Cloud is an industrial Internet cloud and intelligent manufacturing platform developed by UnionFab specifically for the 3D printing industry. Based on advanced technologies,such as intelligent hardware,cloud computing,edge computing,IoT and AI,it achieves intelligent interconnection of 3D printing equipment and offers users functions like cloud 3D printing,intelligent production scheduling,restoration of auxiliary data models,remote monitoring of equipment,equipment health management,production data analysis and standardization of full service processes,supporting enterprises to improve the actual production efficiency with less dependence on field production personnel and to achieve fine management of the production procedure.

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