Case Study: The World-top Glass Bottle Leading Supplier, Bruni Glass, Innovates the Modelling and Prototyping Process by Investing into UnionTech 3D-Printing Systems

Bruni Glass is a global leading supplier of high-end special glass bottles and jars for a wide variety of markets: spirit, still and sparkling wines, beer, gourmet, food products, home fragrances and pharmaceuticals. In addition to standard solutions, Bruni Glass boasts a portfolio of more than 3,000 customized design articles. 

Founded in Italy in 1974, Bruni Glass is today an integral part of Berlin Packaging, the world’s largest hybrid packaging supplier of glass, plastic, and metal containers and closures.


Thanks to the team of expert designers, the Bruni Glass Innovation Center produces customized bottles and jars, developing packaging that highlight our clients’ products and brands and make them stand out from the competition.


Bruni Glass uses the best printing technologies to make each sample, guiding clients in their choice of the solution best suited to their specific needs. These technologies range from the most standard to the most evolved, for the creation of top-quality models in terms of aesthetics, comparable to the finished article.


3D printing is a fundamental service that allows the client to actually see and touch their packaging and assess a project before they invest time and resources in development and relative production. Over recent years, Bruni Glass has invested in new-gen equipment to take this service to a higher level, fine-tuning a rapid prototyping system that speeds up 3D modelling times, optimizes budget and increases the aesthetic result. A strategy that reflects Bruni Glass in-depth knowledge of today's business, where the cost effectiveness of processes and speed of product launch are essential aspects for high market competitiveness.

The latest acquired tool is Stereolithography, a direct printing technology that makes fast production of high-precision 3D models possible thanks to the use of thin layers of liquid resin cured by a UV laser. This versatile technology is suitable for opaque, clear or hollow models, with quality and excellent finish.

 Bruni Glass is not new to 3D printing. The journey started years ago with the acquisition of a powder-based system which has been used for several years. Then Bruni Glass understood the need of a step further within 3D printing, with a technology able to deliver realistic parts capable of giving Bruni Glass and their Customers a truthfully representation of the final product.

After an in-depth market research of the available options stereolithography was identified as the right tech for their needs benchmarking of the various stereolithography models and brands was done evaluating several factors like quality, speed, materials choice, local technical assistance and application support.


Bruni Glass has chosen the UnionTech Pilot 450, supplied by Key Service, UnionTech’s distribution partner in Italy, as the ideal solution to meet their need. The part quality is exceeding expectations as well as printing speed.


After implementing UnionTech Pilot 450 Bruni Glass could double the prints compared to the initial planning as the technology is proving itself as a great tool to shorten the development time for every new product, coming in shorter time to its production phase.


The choice of material has also played a big role. The open platform architecture of the Pilot 450 has made possible to use DSM Somos Watershed 11122XC as the perfect match for the application.

Key Service has an amazing experience in 3D printing of over 25 years and was committed to give a technical support, what was crucial in ramping up the learning curve for this technology within Bruni Glass.


For more than 20 years, UnionTech’s stereolithography 3D-Printing equipment has been developed and manufactured in an environment of intense regional competition. UnionTech products, offered for the international market of today, reflect the experience of a global leader in Stereolithography. 


UnionTech, established in 2000 and headquartered in Shanghai, China, is a leading manufacturer and solution supplier of AM (Addictive Manufacturing) in the world. With a geographical exposure in more than 33 countries, UnionTech has developed specialized international product lines and high-end cost-effective technical solutions for a wide variety of industries. In 2017, UnionTech founded a fully-owned subsidiary in Darmstadt, Germany, aiming to better provide customized industry-specific solutions to the customers in Europe. The goal of UnionTech is to meet the needs of customers and pave the way to a global success by developing innovative technologies and efficient models. 


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