Impressive 3D Printed Classical Building Model

3D printing combines accurate virtual 3D models with real physical objects. In the past, architects usually used wood or foam to make scale models. However, people gradually realized the benefits of using 3D printing models for real estate sandbox models. Let's take a look at why architects will join the 3D printing revolution.


The benefits of 3D printing models:


Better show the architectural idea to customers


When designing a detailed scale model, 3D printing makes the design realistic. Of course, it is important to be able to better show architects’ detailed ideas to customers. In other words, a 3D printed building model can realistically express ideas and sketches, allowing architects to pick out better solutions.

It is easier to re-edit, use, and print architectural 3D printing models


3D printing enables customers to process the model more flexibly. If the customer proposes amendments, they can simply edit the file and print it again.


3D printing models are more realistic

Adjust the ratio arbitrarily, saving a lot of time


The use of a 3D printer can quickly transform design inspiration into a tangible object, and the scale can be adjusted arbitrarily, which greatly reduces the time to make a scale model.


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